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Jekyll & Hyde

A new comic reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic gothic masterpiece By Danny Wainwright & Daniel Hallissey

Jekyll and Hyde meets Blackadder via Monty Python, with just a hint of Spike Milligan Set against the backdrop of Victorian London complete with Cholera and everything.

When it looks like there is no hope, well-respected philanthropist Dr Henry Jekyll emerges as the potential saviour of London. The new Mayor of London has some big plans to rid the city of the evils that have been dragging it down. Everyone thinks he's great, especially his friend and his solicitor who happen to be the same person, John Utterson. However, when shady criminal Hyde starts knocking over children and prominent people start disappearing or 'mysteriously accidentally on purposely' get stabbed, Utterson is compelled to bring Hyde to justice - and uncovers some troubling truths along the way.

Creative Team


Danny Wainwright & Daniel Hallissey

Sound Designer

Phil Matejtschuk


Elliott Ross


Danny Wainwright

Lighting Designer 

Robbie Butler


Andrew Venning


Let Them Call It Mischief Theatre

Production Manager

Cosmo Cooper

Performer / Choreographer

Alyssa Noble

Executive Producer

Hilary Puxley

Poster Design

Rebecca Pitt


Graham Elwell

Behind Jekyll & Hyde


“The perfect tonic for the summer madness” – The Londonist, Jekyll & Hyde by Danny Wainwright and Daniel Hallissey."

Pleasance Theatre London

Audience Feedback

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