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Daniel Hallissey

I am a versatile freelance writer and creative with a background in comedy, physical comedy, and farce. My writing and co-writing has contributed to successful fringe, small, and medium-scale national tours, as well as theatre festivals. As a graduate of the Oxford School of Drama, I bring a trained actor's perspective to my work, creating characters with depth and emotional arcs that allow thought-provoking stories to come to life. I'm also committed to raising awareness around social and mental health issues, and exploring the human condition in my work. With several years of experience as a freelance creative producer, I have honed my craft and bring a unique blend of skills and experience to every project.

My dyslexia has been a catalyst for my growth as a writer. What once seemed like a hindrance has now become a strength, as it has pushed me to develop my own unique writing process. Through this journey, I have been able to support and empower other writers facing similar challenges. My passion for writing continues to evolve as I explore new styles and techniques, always striving to create exceptional, engaging work of the highest standard. Collaborating with talented creatives only further elevates my craft, allowing me to push the boundaries of what's possible.

On Theatre

Theatre, once a staple of cultural entertainment, has become increasingly expensive and inaccessible, appealing primarily to a select group of social classes. This poses a challenge in determining its relevance in today's society, where home entertainment options are readily available through screens. However, I have come to understand that theatre offers something unique. It tells stories that reflect our current times and provides insight into the human experience through shared emotions and thought-provoking questions. The communal aspect of theatre, where audiences come together to experience a performance, creates a deeper connection and understanding. As our world becomes increasingly connected through technology, there is also a growing sense of isolation and loneliness. The communal experience of theatre offers a powerful antidote to this, reminding us of the importance of community and shared experiences.

Stories have a profound impact on us, far beyond what facts alone can achieve. They provide insight, foster empathy, and encourage compassion. Stories shape our perceptions and influence our behaviour by allowing us to imagine experiences without actually experiencing them. This ability to simulate experiences, both present and pas
t, offers a powerful tool for shaping our future. By exposing ourselves to meaningful stories at the right time in our lives, we can reshape our perceptions and make lasting changes. Through the power of storytelling, we can alter the way we think and the decisions we make, transforming not just our future, but our present as well.


Theatre offers a unique and irreplaceable experience, one that cannot be replicated through screen-based home entertainment. When we attend a live performance, we are not only exposed to a moment in time but also surrounded by a community of individuals. This sense of togetherness is powerful and can foster meaningful conversations. As a medium, theatre has the ability to delve into the complexities of our lives, exploring the cultural and societal norms that govern us. Through the creation of thought-provoking narratives and characters, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us. The beauty of theatre lies in its ability to use language, music, design, and movement to tell stories in imaginative and impactful ways. These stories hold up a mirror, inviting us to examine our own experiences, choices, and relationships in a new light. By doing so, we can gain a fresh perspective and make positive changes in the way we think, feel, and behave. Theatre provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our lives and to grow as individuals, making it a valuable and transformative art form.

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