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A new comic reworking of Bram Stoker's classic gothic masterpiece By Danny Wainwright & Daniel Hallissey

We all know the Dracula story...or do we?

‘Dracula’ meets ’39 Steps’ meets ‘Black Adder’ in this hilarious take on the best-loved classic.

1897. Join Count Dracula, the first Romanian immigrant, on his visit to England where he inadvertently strikes fear into the male establishment whilst seeking love in order to break his curse. Every minute is filled with dry humour, surprising twists, and downright silliness. Present is the undercurrent of the suffragette movement, as its powerful message begins to influence young female hearts. I have a cunning plan…

Cleverly fusing 19th century English gentry together with the modern world, a funny and fast-paced retelling of a well-known Gothic tale, superbly portrayed by five actors taking on various characters.

Creative Team


Danny Wainwright & Daniel Hallissey

Sound Designer

Phil Matejtschuk


Danny Wainwright


Freyja Costelloe


Anthony Pinnick


Rob Cummings


Let Them Call It Mischief Theatre

Lighting Designer / Production Manager

Tom Kitney


Sarah Bradnum


Stephanie Martin

Executive Producer

Hilary Puxley

Poster Design

Rebecca Pitt

Performer / Choreographer

Alyssa Noble


Graham Elwell


“The script is well-honed, the production is ridiculous, energetic and just plain fun.”

Exeunt Magazine

“A classical yet irreverent adaptation carried off by an accomplished and talented cast – it screams for transfer.”

The Edinburgh Reporter

“Dracula is a brilliant and inspired show which takes you on a side-splittingly funny ride you won’t forget in a hurry!”

Theatre News

“A rewriting of Bram Stoker’s story that is wildly different, designed to give you giggles rather than shivers down the spine.”

British Theatre Guide

“The magic of ‘Dracula’ lies in its astute takedown of the traditional and expected, with intelligent comic writing from writers Danny Wainwright and Daniel Hallissey.”

The Theatre Bubble

“Dracula is a well-written, fast-paced comedy. “ 

TV Bomb

"A joyous night of quintessentially British comedy. Danny Wainwright & Daniel Hallissey’s take on the classic horror yarn beats along at a steady pace and is short and sweet with moments of delightful, raunchy and very dry comedy, with a few obscene yet hilarious moments,"

Jonathan Baz Reviews

“Danny Wainwright and Daniel Hallissey have concocted a well-aimed script which doffs a cap to Blackadder and Patrick Barlow’s 39 Steps – there’s a splash of Spike Milligan in there too.”

Fringe Review

“An enjoyable comic reworking.” 

The Stage

"If you want an evening of laugh-out-loud, thoroughly enjoyable entertainment, then this refreshingly original take on the classic is a definite winner​."

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