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The Piano Man

By All The Pigs

When, in 2005, a shoeless, suited, soaking wet man was found wandering the Isle of Sheppey, off the Kent coast, he entranced the newspapers. Mute and suffering from amnesia, he only communicated through drawing. It was soon established he was a fine pianist and he was dubbed ‘the piano man’.

Creative Team

Devised / Director

Sam Carrack

Devised / Assistant Director

Jess Daniels

Devised / Movement Director 

Angelo Paragoso


Emily Moseley

Trailer / Devised / Performer

Daniel Hallissey

Trailer / Devised / Performer

Ami Stidolph

Devised / Performer

David Holmes

Devised / Performer

Jerome Thompson

Devised / Performer

Chris Matragos


All The Pigs

Poster / Trailer 

Laura Linck

Devised / Performer

Sarah Bradnum


Ciaran Dowd


Rachel Good


Gavin Dobson


“There are so many moments that are undeniably beautiful.” 

There Ought To Be Clowns

"The story's clever analysis is a testament to All The Pigs work. A great piece of theatre."

Theatre Full Stop

"A respectful telling of a true and personal story."

London Theatre 1

“The script is joyful.” 

The Stage

"The Piano Man raises important and provoking questions."

The Wee Review


Behind the Scenes

BBC Radio: BBC World Service meets All The Pigs 


The Guardian: Steven Morris meets All The Pigs 

Piano man story to be told by London theatre company, 10 years on

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